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"I have known Christina Bradshaw in a personal capacity for many years. When she decided to go into massage, I knew immediately that she was meant for it. As soon as she began learning, I became a client, and have been ever since. Her warm, caring and competent nature makes her a natural born care giver and healer. Whether she is treating me with relaxing, stress relieving Swedish massage or alleviating my frequent lower back pain, I am ALWAYS a satisfied and rejuvenated customer. Christina is a credit to her field and absolutely gifted in the art of massage. Everyone should be so lucky as to be a patron of hers."

Satisfied Customer,

Daniella Nowicki



"Christina's focused and able to work out my problem areas that needed the utmost attention. Her soothing techniques left me feeling relaxed and revitalized; exactly what i needed!"

-Jenny Ngan


In reguards to Vitalism Wellness Parties:

"Thank you Christina you were professional and thorough in your craft. We had a great eveninig and I will recomend your wellness parties to all my friends."


"This was exactly what I needed! The ladies were unbelievable in helping me clear my Mind, Body and Spirit. I would do one of these Parties every week if we could."


"What a gresty way to relax with good friends in the comfort of your own home!"

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